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BRAND NEW FOR 2021 we have created some really beautiful scenery for your wedding photographs. Above are 3 videos for you to enjoy.

This comes in the form of a Gothic Folly Ruin. It is almost finished and when done will combine elements of old and modern. There is also a landscaped garden with lots of elements for additional beautiful backdrops. Even since this video was made it already has new elements added. Here at The Hostess we are well known for the spectacular wedding receptions that we offer. This is because we offer an all inclusive wedding venue in Mansfield Nottinghamshire and because we offer an excellent choice of menu and also the restaurant and it's surroundings are there to be enjoyed by you and your guests only.

Along with your wedding reception we can now offer you the services of a civil wedding ceremony before your wedding breakfast.


Once you have decided to book your civil wedding here you will need to ring the registrar so they, with you can arrange the actual wedding ceremony. At the Hostess we can make it a day to remember! With that in mind we have put together a package so you can see at a glance what value for money you can get. With our menu's you and your guests choose on the day from the choices you decided at your meeting. No need to pre order.

When you arrive, you and your guests will be greeted by our friendly staff who will be serving drinks.

As one of the few wedding venues in Mansfield, we take great pleasure, pride and enjoyment in hosting your Wedding reception. Let our professional and friendly team take the hassle out of your big day in our family owned and run restaurant “in the country near the towns”. With over 30 years experience in making sure every detail is covered and every requirement met.

If you require any information on our Weddings then simply contact us on 01623 843728 or pop in and have a chat.

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